Friday, December 28, 2012

Introducing: Stitchy

To cross stitch hobbyists: Is there any cross stitch pattern design software which supports every major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X and of course Linux) and even is open source? Well, apparently not. I've searched for it but unfortunately there is none. So I decided - Make it by myself!

...and after a few weeks I hereby introduce a new kid - Stitchy. It features nifty UI (yeah I think so) and basic functions such as drawing, erasing, undo/redoing and cut-copy-pasting.

The whole development was rushed. Basic functions are okay. But it could be crash-prone and the code is silly (I admit it) and even there are still a bunch of things out there to be done. But hey, this is just the beginning. We can improve this further by the power of open source!

Have a look if you are interested. The project is hosted at Github ( At this point I don't have any releases so you must build and run it by yourself. Any helps/feedback/contributions are greatly appreciated. :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Akademy 2012 / OS X: testers wanted!

I'll be at Akademy 2012 after three years of absence. I have been inactive for years in KDE because of my tough life tangled with loads of jobs to be done. Now I can join again because my duty is finally over! (you know, most of men in South Korea have duty) I'll be there on the first of July. Too bad I can't be joining conference sessions because my flight schedule is screwed up :( But I can't wait to meet great people out there.

Now back to Konstruktor...

OS X preview build of Konstruktor 0.9.9-beta2 is available. Download from here. Make sure you have LDraw part library installed. (unpack it somewhere and tell Konstruktor where it is) This is few steps away from the "fully ready" state but at least I have to make sure it's running okay on most Macs. Feel free to test drive it and let me know if you have any suggestions or found any weird behaviors. And of course, forks are always welcomed! :)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Konstruktor update

It's been a while. There was almost no progress made since the first beta release last year. But trust me, I was really really busy. Luckily my time at the full time job is coming to the end so now I can have my time for Konstruktor again.

Konstruktor was originally started as a KDE project but not anymore. Recently I was peeling off KDE dependency from the codebase. I wanted Konstruktor to support Windows and Mac OS X together. I really like KDE and its API but it becomes an obstacle when it comes to Windows and Mac OS X. I didn't want to bring those huge KDE frameworks along with Konstruktor. It looked like a tail wagging the dog.

I just finished the lousy task. Changed every K classes to Q, rewrote the main window code, replaced from i18n() to tr(). Now it is a pure Qt app and this is the result:

Konstruktor on X11
Konstruktor on Windows 7
Konstruktor on OS X 10.7

I'd call it an epic triumph. With minimal effort on porting everything worked like a magic. I hope this to be released in April.

P.S. No KDE in Konstruktor anymore. Should I rename it Qonstruktor? :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Konstruktor: back and alive!

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 3

I've been very busy doing my full time job for last two years. Along with my job, I was slowly working on my project called KLDraw (and then Klotz) in my spare time.

Many things have changed. I renamed it Konstruktor (yeah, I know that was an awkward decision), refined UI and rewrote the rendering code from the scratch. Now I believe this one is almost feature complete and comparable to major LDraw-based CADs out there (MLCad, LeoCAD, Bricksmith, ...)

Konstruktor 0.9.0-beta1 is just released. The source code is here: Still this is in beta stage, please report bugs as you find them.

This project is now hosted at GitHub. Feel free to participate and fork if you want to. I have project homepage ( but nothing's there so far. I still suck at designing website, please mail me if you want to help.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Klotz - icon wanted!

Some of you might heard, KLDraw is now Klotz. The project is getting toward to the first beta release. However, it still doesn't have an icon. I couldn't do it myself because I have poor sense of graphics to make shiny Oxygen-esque one.

Therefore, icon wanted. There's no any complicated demands. Just it looks like an ordinary Oxygen icon and that's all okay.

Mail me if you made one (mastermind at planetmono dot org). If your submission is accepted, your name will be enlisted in the about dialog.

Thank you!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


It's been a long time since I'm back from Akademy 2008. It was a fantastic place and there were fantastic people too. I really enjoyed it. It's too bad that I couldn't talk with much people because of my terrible English.

Since I have not so enough time, I'm working on KDE projects in my spare time. Along with Galmuri, KLDraw KDE4 port is well ongoing. Precisely, it's a rewrite rather than port. (The old code was an awful mess!) Thanks to Qt4's MainWindow and MVC, the code is much cleaner and powerful now. While most of features are ported to the new version, now I'm adding some missing features which didn't exist in the last release.

KLDraw wip
This is what I resurrected yesterday: POV-Ray renderer. Please note that this is not working with POV-Ray 3.7 beta because they dropped the progressive stdout output feature at this moment.

The latest code is not in svn yet. I'll have it uploaded on svn after some annoying bugs get fixed.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

python evaluator for krunner

i introduce a new krunner plugin that evaluates given Python expression, which could be useful for Python programmers.
in order to use this, expression must be provided with 'py=' prefix.
though krunner's autocompletion seems a bit unresponsive, i hope it would get better soon.

the code is here.

and yeah, here is the obligatory screenshot: